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Vending machines

Used for purchasing tickets Shows your ticket balance Burns tickets and mints caps
Ticket supply is limited There will be 34 unique machines Accessible via DApp

The vending machine is where you can buy tickets and get new NFTs. It's the first thing you see when you visit the decentralized app site. To use it, you'll need to connect your wallet.

Let's say you want to buy tickets. Just click "Buy Tickets," enter the quantity, and confirm. Your balance will show up on the machine's screen.

You can transfer, sell, or trade these NFT tickets for caps. Press the green button, pay the gas fee, and receive a random cap. They can be common or even legendary.

There will be 34 vending machines in total, and this is the first one from our initial collection.

Keep an eye on our social media and website for updates on new collections and their vending machines.

What else I can do with CAPS?

Buy or sell them Play with them Burn them Hold the token Get them for free Explore the docs


Our motivation to create CAPS arose from the main problem in the current NFT market, which is that many buyers have no practical use for the images they purchase.
In the CAPS game, however, you can actually play with your collectibles, and as you do so, they gradually lose quality, forcing you to develop your own unique strategies within the game's economy.
CAPS reflect value, providing you with multiple ways to utilize your capital beyond simply purchasing air.
When you buy a ticket, board the train,
Journey through the land, no need to explain.
With each clickety-clack, a rhythmic sound,
Open your caps, a gain to be found.