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Minted by burning tickets Traded on various marketplaces Burn it to mint CAPS tokens
Rarity from 80% to 0.25% There will be 34 collections Accessible via DApp

CAPS is an NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) of the ERC-721 standard. There will be a total of 34 collections, each upcoming NFT mint containing caps with different rarities, ranging from Common to Legendary.

When you obtain a cap from a vending machine for the first time, it comes sealed with a plastic cover. This allows for transfer without losing the seal. However, if you decide to play with your cap, it will lose the cover after the first game. With each match, its quality gradually decreases by 0.5 to 1 point.

Over time, a caps can be completely erased, but the image will still be visible. The main concept behind caps is that they are not just NFT images. They are game collectibles that you can play with and that can lose quality. Most importantly, they can be burned and exchanged for ERC-20 tokens called CAPS.

There is a full cycle involved in the CAPS ecosystem. You can burn your cap, receive CAPS tokens, and use them to purchase tickets for different collections from vending machines. This allows you to loot new caps or sell your caps or tokens for various cryptocurrencies.

Just like any ERC-20 token, NFT caps can be traded too, on marketplaces like OpenSea. Additionally, you can transfer them from the "My caps" page, providing ease of ownership transfer and management.

Overall, CAPS offer an intriguing blend of NFT collectibles and gaming mechanics, providing an immersive experience for collectors and gamers alike.

What else I can do with CAPS?

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Our motivation to create CAPS arose from the main problem in the current NFT market, which is that many buyers have no practical use for the images they purchase.
In the CAPS game, however, you can actually play with your collectibles, and as you do so, they gradually lose quality, forcing you to develop your own unique strategies within the game's economy.
CAPS reflect value, providing you with multiple ways to utilize your capital beyond simply purchasing air.
When you buy a ticket, board the train,
Journey through the land, no need to explain.
With each clickety-clack, a rhythmic sound,
Open your caps, a gain to be found.