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Minted by burning caps Traded on various exchanges Used to purchase tickets
Max supply is limited Elder collections generate more tokens Accessible via DApp

The CAPS token is a unique form of cryptocurrency that combines utility and tokenization. It operates as an ERC-20 token, similar to other tokens you may be familiar with.

However, there's a key difference: CAPS tokens can only be minted by destroying CAPS non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This means that this crypto game coin supply is hard-capped, limited to a total of 21 million tokens.

To clarify the minting process, let's consider the collections of CAPS NFTs. The first collection, when completely burned, allows for the minting of 10.5 million CAPS tokens.

The second collection enables the minting of 5.25 million tokens, and so on, with each subsequent collection halving the available supply. In this way, the first collection accounts for 50% of the total token supply.

What's particularly fascinating about the CAPS token is its utilization within the game's tokenomics.

Firstly, after the second collection, the only way to purchase tickets and mint new CAPS NFTs is through the CAPS crypto game coin itself. This establishes a necessity for $CAPS within the game ecosystem.

Secondly, when playing the game, players are required to cover game fees, which can be paid using the CAPS token. Thus, the token holds significant utility within the CAPS game.

It's worth noting that the CAPS token is not subject to air inflation, and staking is not possible with this token. It is primarily designed to function as a game currency, supporting in-game transactions and facilitating gameplay. However, if desired, users can also hold onto CAPS tokens for potential future use.

What else I can do with CAPS?

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Our motivation to create CAPS arose from the main problem in the current NFT market, which is that many buyers have no practical use for the images they purchase.
In the CAPS game, however, you can actually play with your collectibles, and as you do so, they gradually lose quality, forcing you to develop your own unique strategies within the game's economy.
CAPS reflect value, providing you with multiple ways to utilize your capital beyond simply purchasing air.
When you buy a ticket, board the train,
Journey through the land, no need to explain.
With each clickety-clack, a rhythmic sound,
Open your caps, a gain to be found.