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ReleasedJune 2023
ReleasedJune 2023
ReleasedJune 2023

CAPS is a game that caters not only to collectors but also to active traders. It offers a full-cycle experience with a wide range of token types. These include ERC-721 for caps, ERC-1155 for tickets, and ERC-20 for the CAPS token itself.

In each market and network, there exists a distinct smart context for trading your collectibles. To facilitate easy navigation between chains and access to various marketplaces for trading all kinds of items, we have gathered all the relevant links on this page. This allows you to trade and acquire new collectibles within the CAPS game, from tickets to caps and tokens.

Feel free to explore these markets and start trading or acquiring new collectibles in the exciting world of CAPS.

What else I can do with CAPS?

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Our motivation to create CAPS arose from the main problem in the current NFT market, which is that many buyers have no practical use for the images they purchase.
In the CAPS game, however, you can actually play with your collectibles, and as you do so, they gradually lose quality, forcing you to develop your own unique strategies within the game's economy.
CAPS reflect value, providing you with multiple ways to utilize your capital beyond simply purchasing air.
When you buy a ticket, board the train,
Journey through the land, no need to explain.
With each clickety-clack, a rhythmic sound,
Open your caps, a gain to be found.